Walk and Talk Therapy

What is Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk therapy is a proven method to help clients engage in physical and mental activity. It helps combine exercise with psychotherapy to help clients when they get stuck in their thoughts. It is very similar to traditional psychotherapy. It combines walking with talking about one’s issues. Dr. Kaye Hays, a clinical psychologist, cites three reasons for walk and talk therapy is effective. 


The Synergy of Movement and Mind

Incorporating movement into therapy sessions offers a unique avenue for clients to engage both their bodies and minds. By intertwining exercise with psychotherapy, Walk and Talk therapy encourages clients to break free from mental stagnation and explore their thoughts in a more dynamic environment. It’s a refreshing alternative for those who may feel constrained by the four walls of a traditional therapy room. This approach is particularly effective when clients find themselves grappling with thoughts that seem unyielding and need an invigorating shift in perspective.

Dr. Kaye Hays, a clinical psychologist, cites three reasons for walk and talk therapy is effective.

Physical Activity for Mental Wellness: Engaging in physical activity during therapy sessions offers numerous mental and physical benefits. Walking releases endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers, contributing to a sense of well-being and relaxation. Clients often find that physical movement aids in alleviating stress and anxiety, making them more receptive to therapeutic discussions.

Overcoming Mental Impasse: Walk and Talk therapy has the remarkable ability to help clients get “unstuck” when grappling with challenging issues. The act of moving forward physically can mirror the emotional progress clients are seeking. The rhythmic motion of walking encourages a flow of thoughts, enabling clients to delve deeper into their emotions and experiences.

Fostering Creative Thinking: Physical activity has been known to stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving. The combination of fresh air, natural surroundings, and gentle exercise can lead to a surge in creative ideas and insights. As clients engage in physical movement, they often find that their minds open up to new perspectives and innovative solutions.

Where does it typically take place?

Thisanya is the primary clinician engaging in walk and talk therapy at the moment. She conducts the sessions at Kariya Park, 3620 Kariya Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 3J2. A park dedicated to honouring Japanese culture and emphasizing a calm and zen state of mind.  The serene ambiance and serene surroundings set the stage for meaningful conversations that unfold amidst the beauty of nature. Find out more about Thisanya or book in a session here.

Is Walk and Talk Therapy the Right Fit for You?

Nature Connection: If you find tranquility in natural surroundings, Walk and Talk therapy offers therapy amidst the calming embrace of nature.

Active Mindfulness: Embrace physical movement while engaging in therapy, allowing for a mindful blend of exercise and therapeutic conversations.

Breaking Norms: Step outside traditional therapy settings for more open and liberating discussions, fostering candid exploration.

Fresh Perspectives: When thoughts stagnate, the act of walking alongside discussions can spark new insights and mental shifts.

Outdoor Comfort: If you thrive in open-air spaces, Walk and Talk therapy provides a comfortable environment to express yourself.

Movement and Reflection: Experience a unique fusion of movement and self-reflection, amplifying the introspective aspects of therapy.

Privacy Assurance: Your therapist prioritizes confidentiality and will address any privacy concerns to ensure your comfort.

Seamless Adaptation: Walk and Talk sessions can effortlessly transition to virtual appointments if weather conditions demand flexibility.

Discover if Walk and Talk therapy resonates with you by connecting with Tea Time Therapy. Explore how this innovative approach can rejuvenate your journey toward self-discovery and well-being.


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How does confidentially work?

Walk and Talk therapy can create some limitations to confidentiality as we will be outside in public. Your therapist will do everything in their power to protect your confidentiality during the session. If you chose to participate in Walk and Talk therapy, you can discuss any concerns with your therapist and how you’d like to proceed if any breaches in confidentiality do happen. You are welcome change your mind and switch back to virtual services at anytime.

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