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Thisanya Natkunanathan

Daily life can be overwhelming. Stress from family, work/school or relationships can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious interfering with our day to day.

I started Tea Time Therapy with the goal of reducing the stigma around mental health and making it easier for people like you to talk about yourself and your mental health. I am a first generation Tamil Canadian, who started Tea Time Therapy with the focus of reducing the stigma around mental health. Being born and raised in the South Asian community, I recognize the need to suppress ones emotions and feeling. I’ve seen people avoid their depression and anxiety in hopes of upholding a reputation. At Tea Time Therapy, we’re here to start the conversation so you can feel comfortable and safe sharing.

Culture plays a huge role in our core beliefs and ideas about the world around us, which is why at Tea Time Therapy, we have created a culturally inclusive space where a client can come and discuss how they’re feeling without the stigma around mental health. At Tea Time Therapy, we aim to make our sessions feel like a conversation with a close friend while bringing expert advice and experience to the conversation. I work to support you every step of the way in your therapeutic journey as I know it can be a scary process. Although I might not know how you feel or how you felt in the situation, I am able to provide an open space for you to feel heard and understood.

Thisanya Natkunanathan

Thisanya Natkunanathan

       RP, MACP, B.Sc. Psychology

     Founder of Tea Time Therapy