Meet Our Team

MSW, RSW, B.Sc. Mental Health Studies

Cajaani Velautham

Our lives are a collection of various stories pieced together in one book.

We all have stories that are untold. We’ve walked many paths and carry many stories. We’ve witnessed many things that have shaped us. We carry the trauma of our ancestors and of our own. As your therapist, I will hold a brave space for you to open up and unpack the trauma that has been stored in your mind, body, and soul. As a first-generation Tamil Canadian, I recognize the impacts of intergenerational and racial trauma and how it affects the way we navigate different spaces and various relationships as an individual with intersecting identities. I have witnessed folks silencing their voices and their stories because they fear being unheard or misunderstood. The stigma of mental health often leaves these stories unheard. Your experience, thoughts, and emotions are valid. You matter!

Our intersecting identities and culture play a significant role in the way we think and experience the world. I want to help you share and own your story through candid conversation while bringing expert advice and experience to support your therapeutic and healing journey. It can be overwhelming to speak to someone about how you’re feeling and sharing your narrative. As a Therapist, I am here to co-create healthy and realistic goals with you. I am committed to hearing and exploring your story with you from a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and intersectional framework.

Cajaani Velautham 

                     RSW, MSW